Muslim Terrorists Crossing US/Mexican Border

Muslim Terrorists Crossing US/Mexican Border

taken from post @ via TheCentralKentuckyPatriot.Com

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  1. […] Muslim Terrorists Crossing US/Mexican Border ( […]


  2. prayingforoneday | Reply

    Is this news article not 10 years old? Even if it is, it is staggering to think who could be coming into the USA with the close down and less security.
    ps: I am from Scotland, so I can see from the inside out looking in better I feel..
    Thanks for the re-blog the other day…

    You think its possible?


    1. Yeah, it’s about a decade old. Think about how many may have crossed before and since. I will try to remember to look up an article that placed muslim terrorists training in Venezuela and coming up through South America across the border, complete with hispanic names in some cases. Do i think it’s possible? You bet. Our lax border control has been a massive breach of our national security. You’re quite welcome, and thanks for the info.


      1. prayingforoneday | Reply

        Send any links on, thanks..
        And thanks for the reply!!



        1. Will do. And thank you sir.



          1. prayingforoneday | Reply

            Have a good weekend Kevin


            1. You too Shaun. God bless.


              1. prayingforoneday | Reply

                Right back at ya mate


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