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Get Informed, Stay Informed and Pass It On – Remember, It Only Takes  a Spark To Get a Fire Going!

ObamaMask (1)

I remember as a kid seeing adults wear Richard Nixon masks for Halloween. In the 90′s, I recall (admission: I even did this) wearing Halloween masks of Bill Clinton. It was fun walking my kids around the neighborhood, then when the Mommy would open the door, saying, “Hey baby,” in my best Bill Clinton voice (this was after the Lewinsky episode). Well, fast forward to Halloween 2013-style under the Obama regime and political-correctness has truly run amok.

Needless to say, it is a longstanding American tradition to ridicule and mock those in power. This has been true going back to our nation’s founding. Late night talk shows, like Jay Leno and before him, Johnny Carson, have designed their opening monologues around this American ritual, which is a celebration of our unique right of free speech. It is an expression that in America we don’t have to fear, or at least we didn’t formerly have to fear, our leaders.

According to FOX 17 in Kentuckyone man dared to wear a mask of Obama to his company’s Halloween party. Apparently, the gentleman didn’t get the national memo from the free speech police, that it is now deemed blasphemy to mock “Dear Leader” Obama:

As a result, all 750 employees have now been required to take diversity training. The VP of Human Resources at the medical center issued a statement to staff apologizing for anyone who was offended and personally took responsibility since the incident occurred on his watch.

That’s right, the company,  the Jennie Stuart Medical Center is paying money to send all 750 employees to a mandatory brainwashing indoctrination for the crime of mocking a politician. I’m sure if it were a Nixon or Clinton mask, or a Sarah Palin mask for that matter, it would have gone completely unnoticed. Welcome to Obama’s America.

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